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Who is Click Media?

Interactive Marketing:

Brand Visibility and Enhancement for you.

Click Media TT Digital Signage builds and operates point-of-purchase advertising networks that deliver highly targeted motion messages across the Trinidad and Tobago market. Our process for content creation Trinidad allows all of these messages to build and promote impulse purchases for their products with an impact that cannot be duplicated by other traditional advertising media.

Our Experience:

In this industry.

With over ten years of experience in the digital signage industry, Click Media offers world-class services that have allowed our clients to seamlessly integrate digital signage displays into their business.
With our menu boards in some of the top restaurants in the country and advertising networks that spans across the island, we can reach and develop markets for you.

Click Media:


Click Media TT Ltd. and The Label House Group’s business partnership allowed The Label House Group to further expand their offering to their clients by adding Digital Signage Solutions to their portfolio. Over the last three years Click Media TT Ltd. has emerged as the industry leader, being one of the only companies in the region to truly offer turnkey digital signage solutions and digital out of home advertising

Meet The Team

Shane Lewis

General Manager/Director


Amrit Jadoo

Technical Coordinator

663-0604 ext. 278

Anastacia Andrews

Screen Sales Exec


Derry Smith

Field Support Tech